Ambassador Cefkin Commends U.S. Companies for their Continuing Support for Programs that Strengthen Health and Care Services for Children

On October 2, Sustainable Mahogany Industries Limited and Pacific Western Timbers (Fiji) Limited, both U.S. owned companies donated a total of FJ$50,000 to the Fiji Women’s Crisis Center (FWCC) and FJ$50,000 to the Colonial War Memorial (CWM) Hospital Children’s Ward.

The funds for the Fiji Women’s Crisis Center will go towards strengthening its program for the care and counselling of sexually abused girls and boys, and that for the Children’s Ward will enable the procurement of life saving equipment within its Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

FWCC Director, Ms. Shamima Ali, stated that: “The Centre is overwhelmed by the timing of this donation by the two companies, especially since we rely wholly on the goodwill of donor institutions, private companies and individuals to sustain our programs. This funding will primarily be directed towards the development of skills and capacity of our staff so that we can satisfactorily provide those essential services required in the care and counselling of children who have encountered sexual abuse in their homes and communities.”

CWM Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr. Jemesa Tudravu said, “We are very grateful to Mr. John Wagner and his companies for their continuing support. With this increased donation of $50,000 FJD, CWM Hospital and particularly paediatric services is fortunate to have Mr. Wagner as a strong supporter of children’s health. He has shown a genuine concern for health care delivery to children over the years, and the equipment that will be purchased from this donation will go a long way in helping hospital staff to improve their services to children in ICU and Oncology.”

The donations by Sustainable Mahogany Industries Limited and Pacific Western Timbers (Fiji) Limited in support of children’s health are part of their corporate social responsibility program, which also focuses on children’s education and the promotion of women in the workplace.  Both companies have been issued licenses by the Mahogany Industry Council to produce and promote genuine mahogany products from the mahogany plantations of Fiji.

Sustainable Mahogany Industries Limited was a 2012 finalist for the prestigious 2012 Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence, in recognition for its assistance in developing the Fiji Pure Mahogany brand; supporting indigenous forest preservation and conservation through the exclusive use of sustainably produced and certified mahogany; empowering women through employment and professional advancement; and, implementing exemplary occupational health and safety processes.

United States Ambassador Judith Cefkin thanked the companies for being exemplary corporate citizens and their commitment towards supporting important causes such as health and safety for women and children consistent with U.S. values.  She also acknowledged the Ministry of Health and CWM Hospital for their efforts to improve the health of children in Fiji, as well as the untiring commitment of the FWCC in advocating for the rights of women and children, and implementing programs that promote a safer environment for all Fiji citizens.