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Ambassador Cella Launches Movie-plomacy with Law Students
September 25, 2020

Ambassador Cella Launches Movie-plomacy with Law Students


SUVA – Ambassador Joseph Cella hosted over thirty law students from the University of Fiji on Friday, September 25 2020 to launch a public diplomacy engagement known as “Movie-plomacy.”

“It is an honor and a great delight to represent the United States of American through public diplomacy events or gatherings with all citizens in the countries I am accredited to. This inaugural public diplomacy engagement I have dubbed ‘Movie-plomacy,’ utilizes the art of movies in a unique way for Embassy Suva to build and augment bridges with people in all segments and strata of society.”

Joining the law students, Ambassador Cella screened the 1966 classic and Academy Award winning movie A Man for All Seasons. The law students will join the Ambassador for two law-themed movie screenings in the coming weeks: A Few Good Men, and The Paper Chase.

“The arts are an excellent vehicle to tell stories, to learn from them, to be edified by them, and to have a richer understanding of life, and that which is true, good, and beautiful,” Ambassador Cella said.

In the coming months, Ambassador and Mrs. Cella will host other cultural events at the embassy and his official residence, Somerset House.