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Non-Resident Applicants

The current wait time for a visa appointment for non-residents is (5) five calendar days.

The Consular section at the U.S. Embassy in Suva, Fiji is accepting applications for all visa types from applicants residing outside of the Consular district.  Applicants should follow the instructions below and plan on being in Fiji for at least 3 business days after the visa appointment* to receive their passport with the visa.  If you have urgent travel, please see the instructions below for returning your passport via courier for visa printing.

Apply for visa: go to ustraveldocs.com and follow the instructions to apply for a visa. This can be done from your country of residence

Pay visa application fee: the visa fee must be paid in person in Fiji Dollars cash at any Post Fiji outlet in Fiji. You may have someone present in Fiji pay it for you or wait to pay once you have arrived in Fiji.

Schedule appointment: You must wait 24 hours after paying the visa application fee to schedule your visa appointment at ustraveldocs.com. Follow the instructions for scheduling, including entering the number on your payment receipt. Select “Non-resident” as the visa category in Step 3 to have access to special appointments reserved for non-residents.

Attend your scheduled interview: be prepared to provide both an email address and a phone number where you can be reached while staying in Fiji.

* Some visa cases require extra administrative processing, which will delay issuance of the visa. You will be informed if this applies to you and your passport will be returned to you with further instructions.

Instructions for sending passport to U.S. Embassy from your home country for visa issuance:

Arrange with a reliable courier company such as DHL or FedEx for the shipment of your passport to Embassy Suva and for the collection and return of your passport with visa after our office has processed your case to conclusion.

Please ensure the courier company you use notifies their Suva Office about the collection of your passport from Embassy Suva.

Furthermore, please understand that you will be responsible for all costs related to the shipment to and from Embassy Suva.

Suva Embassy contact – Non-immigrant  Visa Unit | Consular Section

Embassy of the United States of America
158 Princes Road,
P.O. Box 218, Suva, Fiji
E-mail: SuvaNIV@state.gov
Phone: 679-331-4466