Regional TechCamp on Blockchain Technology

Suva, Fiji – On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 14:45 at the ICT Japan Pacific Center of the University of South Pacific, the U.S. Embassy Suva will open a three-day interactive TechCamp workshop on blockchain technology. The U.S. Embassy organized TechCamp in collaboration with TraSeable Solutions, a Fijian tech start-up company, and the University of South Pacific. The workshop will focus on current and possible future applications of blockchain technology with experts and participants from the United States, Pacific Island countries, Australia, and New Zealand. The Honorable Attorney General Aiyaz-Sayed Khaiyum has agreed to provide opening remarks.

Since its invention in 2008, blockchain (distributed ledger) technology has developed far beyond its use in digital cryptocurrencies. The technology is already reshaping the ownership, transfer, storage, and security of many different types of data – and has the potential to improve global transparency, productivity, and effective regulation. In the modern digital economy, businesses have embraced blockchain technology for everything from health care administration to real estate to the food supply chain. Many countries are now looking to harness blockchain technology for governance, finance, judicial reform, and consumer identity protection and management.

The TechCamp program includes sessions on blockchain in the energy sector, climate action, security and eliminating child trafficking, humanitarian and recovery programs, telecommunications, fisheries, supply chain management and other topics of specific relevance to the Pacific region.

For more information please contact: Regional Public Affairs Office at (679) 331-4466