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Email to Wardens and AmCits: SMS Contract Message

U.S. Embassy Suva is pleased to announce that we are now ready to begin offering a text messaging service to advise Americans resident in our Consular District of emergency situations such as tsunami warnings, updates on approaching cyclones, and unexpected Embassy closings.

In order to be included in this service please email your cell phone number to SuvaACS@state.gov and include in the subject line the words “SMS text messaging request.”

Your request to be included in the service is your acknowledgement that you have read and understand the following disclosure statement:

“The Embassy is now offering a new SMS text messaging/list service for American citizens.  The service will be administered by a private, contracted firm, Vodaphone.  This service will provide American citizens resident in our Consular District information on emergency situations such as tsunami warnings and updates on approaching cyclones.  The sole use of this information is to provide Wardens and other resident Americans with information about situations and alerts normally provided through our Warden Program.  The information will not be used for any other purposes or consular programs.

These contract services are provided officially on behalf of the Department of State.  Exchange of information between the Department and a contractor performing a function on behalf of this Agency are covered in the Department’s Routine Use statement defined in the Privacy Act of 1974 (Amendment of Prefatory Statement of Routine Uses to Department of State Privacy Act Issuances, 73 Fed. Reg. 40649, July 15, 2008).  The information provided by you or the Embassy is therefore subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act (5 USC, 552a).  The Embassy warden system will still continue to function as normal.”