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U.S. Consular Agency French Polynesia
The U.S. Embassy in Suva, Fiji, is accredited to Tonga, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, and Tuvalu


The consular agency does not provide any visa services. If you wish to apply for a visa, please see requirements to apply in Suva.

Contact Information

Consular Agent/Agent Consulaire: Christopher Kozely


U.S. Consular Agency in French Polynesia/U.S. Embassy, Suva, Fiji Islands
Agence Consulaire des Etats Unis en Polynésie Française/Embassade des Etats Unis, Suva, Fidji
Centre Tamanu Hotu, 1er étage, Punaauia

B.P. 381616
98718 Punaauia
Polynésie Française
Tel:(+689) 40 42 65 35
Fax: 50 80 96/from the United States: (202) 780 7683
email: usconsul@mail.pf

Public Hours/Heures d’Ouverture

Consular sessions are held on Tuesdays from 10am until noon. If needed, appointments can be arranged for consular services outside these hours.

Les sessions consulaires sont ouvertes au public le Mardi entre 10h et 12h. Si necessaire, un rendez vous peut être convenu pour les services consulaires cités ci dessous.


The agency is located in the Tamanu Hotu Center, 2nd floor next to the flower shop. The center is near the hotel Le Meridien in the city of Punaauia just after the roundabout Punaru’u.

L’agence is située dans le centre Tamanu Hotu, au 1er étage à côté du fleuriste.. Le centre se trouve près de l’hôtel Le Méridien juste après le rond point Punaru’u.

Services Offered / Services Fournis

  • Accept passport applications – Traitement des demandes de passeport
  • Accept Consular Report of Birth applications – Traitement des enrégistrement d’actes de naissance
  • Notarize documents (Notary Public services) – Actes notariés
  • Accept documents in certain Loss of Nationality cases – Traitement de documents dans certain cas de perte de nationalité
  • Facilitate arrangements for the disposition of remains of deceased U.S. citizens – Assistance en cas de décès d’un citoyen US
  • Accept applications for Consular Report of Death Abroad – Emission de certificats mortuaires

Services NOT Offered / Services NON Fournis

Visa Services

The consular agency does not provide any visa services. If you wish to apply for a visa, you must apply in Suva.

If you are applying for the same visa type that you have previously been approved for, you may qualify for an exemption to the interview requirement.

To see if you qualify, please complete the checklist below:

  • I am applying for the same type of visa within 12 months of the expiration of my previous visa.
  • My last visa was issued after January 1, 2008.
  • I am a citizen or resident of Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, or Wallis & Futuna.
  • My previous visa was approved at the time of the interview without any correspondence from the embassy or consulate indicating that my application required further administrative processing.

If you checked all of the above questions, you may be exempt from appearing in person for a visa interview.

In addition, the following requirements must be met:

  •  My previous visa was not lost, stolen, or revoked.
  • I have not changed my name or nationality since the issuance of my last U.S. visa.
  • I have not been previously refused a visa or entry into the United States.
  • My previous visa did not require a waiver of ineligibility (For example: criminal convictions).
  • I have had no arrests or convictions (other than minor traffic violations) that have occurred since my previous visa was issued.
  • I have no ineligibilities or reason to believe that I have failed to comply with U.S. immigration law.

If after reading the above information you do not qualify for an interview exemption, to schedule an appointment and appear in person for a non-immigrant visa interview at U.S. Embassy Suva.

Important Notice – If you do not meet the criteria and have submitted an application by mail and/or do not follow the procedure as set out, your Visa application will be delayed and you will be required to appear at the U.S. Embassy for an interview. We advise that you carefully read and understand the information provided above.

Consular Sessions/Sessions Consulaires

Consular sessions are held on Tuesdays from 10 am – noon.  No appointment is necessary – cases are treated on a first come first serve basis. Appointments are available for American citizens who can not attend those sessions.

Les sessions laires sont tenues le Mardi de 10h à 12h.
Aucun rendez-vous n’est nécessaire. Chaque cas sera traité dans l’ordre d’arrivée.  Une priorité sera donnée pour toute personne nécessitant des services de l’agence (services pour citoyens USA, actes notariés, Sécurité Sociale)


Travel Information – Informations Pratiques sur la destination