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U.S. Embassy Hosts Election Watch Party
November 4, 2020

U.S. Embassy Hosts Election Watch Party

SUVA – Coinciding with the 2020 election on November 3 in the United States, today, U.S. Ambassador Joseph Cella and staff of the Embassy of the United States of America hosted the “USA 2020 – Presidential Election Party”.

The embassy welcomed two different groups to watch the election returns and learn about the election process in the United States, while enjoying food and beverage. The events brought together students, youth leaders, educators, diplomats, government officials, and members of the business community, to celebrate democratic principles and the electoral process.

Ambassador Cella said, “It is always a delight to showcase and celebrate our democratic principles, and electoral processes. The open and transparent manner in which U.S. elections are run is an example for the world. As a bridge builder, I am happy to be able to host and engage multiple sectors and strata for this quadrennial tradition of peaceful expression of the will of the people.”

The first group of guests comprised educators, students, and youth leaders who learned about the U.S. electoral college, and how the election process is run on a local, state and national levels. Ambassador Cella shared his reflections on elections and democracy and the youth watched the election coverage on three major network channels that represent various points of view.

Fijian government officials, his diplomatic colleagues, members of the business community as well as civil society leaders and local U.S. citizens comprised the second group of guests. They enjoyed food and conversation about the U.S. electoral process and watched the live results as the broadcasting continued.