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U.S. Embassy Youth Council

The Embassy Youth Council was officially launched on October 23, 2020 by Ambassador Cella. During the Embassy’s International Youth Day celebration in August, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Pacific Community (SPC) and Peace Corps, the Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Tony Greubel spoke about the Embassy’s ongoing youth programs and that the Embassy was embarking on its latest initiative to collaborate further with youth in its five accredited countries which is fundamental to the work that the United States is undertaking in the South Pacific. This initiative provides youth an avenue to voice their needs and challenges and help shape the Embassy’s youth outreach programs to address the current needs of young people today. The Embassy Youth Council now has 23 Members from Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga and Tuvalu.  The council meets regularly both as a whole body and thematic groups. The councilhas four thematic working groups focused on Education and Arts; Environment, Disaster and Health; Entrepreneurship and Economic Development; and Good Governance. Members have a term of two years to serve on the EYC.

Members of the Embassy Youth Council are:

  1. Moieez Almaz Ali – Fiji
  2. Sheldon Chanel – Fiji
  3. Annette Gock – Fiji
  4. Maanvick Gounder – Fiji
  5. Kolotina Halaifonua – Tonga
  6. Ilaisa Kauyaca – Fiji
  7. Aneet Aklesh Kumar – Fiji
  8. Avikesh Kumar – Fiji
  9. Verenaisi Kunavue
  10. Apolosi Lasei – Fiji
  11. Hayli Lucas – Fiji
  12. Broderick John Mervyn – Fiji
  13. Inikasio Nadavelevu – Fiji
  14. Kartik Nand – Fiji
  15. Krishneil Narayan – Fiji
  16. Mele’alofi Samate – Tonga
  17. Ruci Senikula – Fiji
  18. Abdul Mufeez Shaheed – Fiji
  19. Bulou Salanieta Suguta – Fiji
  20. Tapua Vavale Pasuna – Tuvalu
  21. Alpha-Gwein Jose – Nauru
  22. Elvina Omirete – Kiribati
  23. Triveshni Sharma – Fiji