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U.S. Taxation Consultants

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has created a new comprehensive tax page which is directed to U.S. citizens who reside abroad.  This page contains links to more detailed topics such as the foreign earned income exclusion, foreign tax credit, reporting foreign bank accounts, Fulbright Grants, state taxes, and a myriad of others.  Rather than navigating through IRS website, this page will provide “one stop shopping” for U.S. citizens abroad.  This site also provides information on how to contact the IRS to get additional assistance.

The IRS does not maintain a presence at the embassy, and consular staff are unable to answer inquiries regarding preparation and filing of U.S. taxes. Therefore, we must direct all inquiries related to taxation to the IRS.  For your convenience, the embassy maintains a list of taxation consultants (PDF, 150 KB) who are willing to assist with the filing of U.S. taxes for taxpayers overseas.

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